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Bijie looked coldly, and her ruddy little mouth let out a cold hum. "Don't think that my Yin and Yang forces are afraid of your Sword Immortal Sect!"

Bijie looked coldly, and her ruddy little mouth let out a cold hum. "Don't think that my Yin and Yang forces are afraid of your Sword Immortal Sect!" She said! I have given you enough face, right and wrong black and white has already been made public, since you are not willing to accept, but also continue to make trouble, don't blame me Yin and Yang forces do not know how to be polite! Somebody! Bijie snorted coldly. At In all directions, the armies of the forces of Yin and Yang and the armies of the Seven Ao City came up together, and many soldiers even took off in the air, surrounding the disciples of the Sword Immortal Sect with three layers inside and three layers outside. They were watertight, and even a fly could not fly out. Take them all! Bijie said coldly. At this moment, she is no longer soft, because anyone can see that it is the people of the Sword Immortal Sect who are vexatious here, and the word "reason" stands on the side of Bijie, why should she have scruples? "Yes!"! Madam Men together, these are the elite who followed Ling Yan to participate in the first battle of the shadow palace in the sky. They have seen the army of the immortal emperor. They bear the breath of the immortal emperor and do not die. Their strength and sentiment have been raised to a very high level. Even if the other side is a disciple of a super school, these soldiers are fearless. Their pikes come out together and rush to the disciples of the sword immortal school. Only then did the immortals around realize that there were tens of thousands of immortals in all directions unconsciously. The worst of these soldiers were the earth immortals holding up the sky, and the commander with the highest strength in the soldiers had the means of holding up the sky to change the peak, which shocked the immortals around. Take them all! Shoot the rebels! No soul left! Commander Jia Shi pulled out the sharp and cold single knife with immortal spirit from his waist and gave a loud shout. The disciples of the Sword Immortal Sect were all pale and gathered together. The long swords were unsheathed, and the tiny air swords,Nail machine supplier, like storms, began to revolve around them. At an unknown time, the sword-shaped circles of light appeared at the feet of these disciples. Bong! Jia Shi has rushed up, several disciples of the Sword Immortal Sect have waved a huge sword gas like a half moon to show their determination. As soon as this skill comes out, all Jia Shi let go of their hands. Shoot to kill! Roared the commander! "Humph!"! Yin and Yang! Mrs. Ling! Since you are heartless, don't blame the sword for being unrighteous! Younger martial brothers, capture Mrs. Ling first! Xu Changjian shouted. Protect Madame and surround them! The soldiers roared in unison,Coil nail machine, their pikes rolling with the power of the immortal, and they stabbed the disciples of the Sword Immortal Sect. But at this time, around the group of immortals, suddenly jumped out of a few as fast as lightning figure, figure movement without the slightest hesitation, straight to Bijie. It's the disciples of the Sword Immortal Sect who are hiding around! Princess, be careful! As soon as the fox's expression stiffened, she hurriedly raised her white catkin and offered a white and hairy screen of light, which fell on Bijie's side. Excalibur breaks the sky! Several figures drank together, and then four sharp fairy swords hit the light screen of the fox's sacrifice. Hu Mei's body trembled violently, the light screen broke at once, and the four swords stabbed directly at Hu Mei. Foxy!! As soon as Bijie saw it, her face suddenly turned pale. She hurriedly turned sideways and pulled the fox away, ready to urge the immortal power to resist the attack of the four disciples of the Sword Immortal Sect. However, iron nail machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, the messy sword gas disturbed all her immortal power! The buzzing sound of the sword is even more disturbing, unable to condense any strength. These four disciples of the Sword Immortal Sect are not simple. Bi Jie was shocked, but too late to defend, can only pull the fox away, with their own body to resist! "Princess!" Fox Mei tore her heart and lungs and cried out, and the tears as big as beans dripped down directly. She clenched her shellfish teeth and tried to twist Bijie's body, but she couldn't beat Bijie's strength. Clang! A strong Gang Qi suddenly scattered the four swords without warning. However, the long sword was sharp, and the violent and messy sword Qi still left bloody sword marks on the white arm like a lotus root. Even the dense bones could be seen faintly. "Ah.." Fox Mei saw, anger attack heart, Jiao shouted, peach blossom eyes scarlet, white ears are constantly becoming pointed long, white skirt slowly stirred up, a hairy white tail will be exposed in front of everyone at any time and anywhere. No, foxy! Go back, don't show yourself! Don't let them see, or once the identity of our demon way is exposed, it will bring disaster to my husband! Bijie, with a pale face, grabbed Foxy's arm and shouted weakly. Princess Hu Mei held Bi Jie and wept silently. Don't cry, or it won't look good! Said Bijie with a smile. Hu Mei was stupefied, but she couldn't stop her tears. She quickly took out some plasters from her bundle and wiped away the wound on Bi Jie's arm. As she wiped, she said, "If your man is not good to you, I will make all the foxes in the world make his life worse than death!" "This is not cheap for him.." Bijie stared at the wound and looked at Chenyan, who was fighting with the four disciples of the Sword Immortal Sect. If Chenyan hadn't appeared in time just now, Bijie would have hurt more than her arm. A dazzling, murderous battle began outside the place of identification, and the immortals avoided it one after another. This time, the fight was too complicated for them to get involved at all. However, here in the end is seven Ao city, stationed in the Yin and Yang forces of the army more than ten million? In a short time, the dark color of the sky has covered the whole blue sky. The disciples of the Sword Immortal Sect gathered together, back to back, their eyes full of vigilance. Kill! How dare you hurt madam! Take no prisoners! Strangle them all! The castellan Jianzi Ling also came. When he saw Bijie injured, he understood the fate of these disciples of the Sword Immortal Sect. If the head of the Sword Immortal Sect did not arrive today, these people would die! According to Ling Yan's personality, they will die! Therefore, Jianziling dare not have a moment of carelessness, otherwise, I am afraid the consequences will be more serious.. But at this time, the sound of a long roar suddenly rose. Stop it! Chapter 1400 visit. A roar of the sword,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, a long roar, with the shadow of the streamer that pierced the sky, shot this way. ()。


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