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Gu Jiatong said, "Yang Yang has almost no contact with society. She is an innocent girl. I don't want her to be moved by you. In fact, I have noticed something strange from the way she looks at you.

Gu Jiatong said, "Yang Yang has almost no contact with society. She is an innocent girl. I don't want her to be moved by you. In fact, I have noticed something strange from the way she looks at you. Zhang Yang, she finally stood up and absolutely could not bear the emotional blow." Zhang Yang said with a wry smile, "Hearing what you said, I really feel like a sinner. You can rest assured that I will pay more attention in the future. My legs are almost better. I should not need a follow-up visit. Even if I need a follow-up visit, I will not talk to her much. I will keep a distance and let her die of that heart. If not, I will tell her clearly." "Say what?" "Talk about us!" "How dare you!" Gu Jiatong stared round his eyes. There is nothing in the world that I dare not do! Zhang Yang picked Gu Jiatong up and made a gesture to throw him into the swimming pool. Gu Jiatong hugged Zhang Yang's neck tightly and said in a charming voice, "Are you willing to give up?" "Give up!" Zhang Yang threw Gu Jiatong out, but not in the swimming pool, but on the wide and soft bed. He then rushed up, supported his arms on the bed, pressed on Gu Jiatong's body, and gazed at him affectionately for a long time. Gu Jiatong stroked Zhang Yang's face, and then they kissed together. The entangled body writhed on the bed. Gu Jiatong finally pressed Zhang Yang under her body. She smiled shyly, bent down and kissed Zhang Yang's lips. Then she unbuttoned her shirt for Zhang Yang one by one. Her lips went all the way down along Zhang Yang's neck,plastic packaging tube, kissing his solid chest and strong abdominal muscles. The tip of Gu Jiatong's tongue moved up on Zhang Yang's body. Her hand reached out and turned off the small light at the head of the bed. In the dark, Zhang Yang's clothes had all faded. He suddenly felt that his strong and strong part was contained by the warmth. Gu Jiatong was a little unfamiliar with his tongue. Zhang Yang raised his body slightly and stroked Gu Jiatang's bun with his big hand to untie her. Let her fall like a black waterfall. Gu Jiatong gave a chuckle and bit his neat teeth gently. Zhang Yang wanted to sit up, but Gu Jiatong pushed him down on the bed again. In the blurred light, Gu Jiattong's smooth and soft body slowly climbed up and carefully contained Zhang Yang with his attractive body. Zhang Yang took a deep breath because he felt the familiar warmth, and his chest rose and fell. The night let Gu Jiatong completely relax herself, she is like a knight galloping on the grassland,eye cream packing tube, black long swaying in the night, snow-white in such an atmosphere, appears enchanting and full of temptation. Just as they were immersed in the leak, Gu Jiatong's cell phone rang suddenly, and she shook her head with some depression. Zhang Yang whispered, "Leave it alone!" Gu Jiatong nodded, Jiao's body was still cooperating with Zhang Yang's movements, but the phone was ringing endlessly. She sighed and wanted to go down to answer the phone, but was held down by Zhang Yang. She could only reach out and grab the phone at the head of the bed. She made a silent action to Zhang Yang and stabilized her mood: "Hello!" The phone was called by her husband Wei Zhicheng. When Gu Jiatong heard Wei Zhicheng's voice, her heart sank. Although she and Wei Zicheng were only husband and wife in name, after all, plastic cosmetic tubes ,aluminium laminated tube, they had this relationship in law. Now when she answered the phone, she was doing this kind of thing with Zhang Yang. She felt a little uneasy in her heart. After all, everyone has moral standards. The moment she heard Wei Zhicheng's voice, Gu Jiatong really felt that maybe she should consider ending the marriage. Wei Zhicheng called to ask Gu Jiatong to have dinner at home on the weekend. If his parents hadn't urged him, he wouldn't have made the call. He and Gu Jiatong had been separated for several months. His parents saw it in their eyes and were anxious, so they asked him to invite him back. Gu Jiatong's answer is very simple: "I will not go back, greet the two old people for me, I went only to increase their troubles, forget it, Wei Zhicheng, every time we meet will end in a quarrel, I am tired, I let go, you go to live your life.." She suddenly felt the fellow under her body exert himself, Gu Jiatong almost did not cry out, stretched out his hand and pinched it on his chest. Wei Zhicheng sighed: "Jia Tong, I have been thinking about our affairs recently, and I did do a lot of things wrong in the past." I want to have a good talk with you, a heart-to-heart talk. "I don't think it's necessary." Gu Jiatong's voice trembled slightly. The hateful guy did not know whether it was out of jealousy or mischief. The more violent he tossed about, Gu Jiatong almost lost control and said, "I don't want to say.." She hung up the phone, threw her cell phone aside and pressed Zhang Yang's shoulder with both hands: "Bad guy, I want to get back at you.." [Keep the promise, eight thousand words update, there should be an update today!] [db:wangzhi] Chapter 91 [wine girls are crazy]. Small. Say .t.xt. God . Don Chapter 91 [wine girls are crazy]. Zhang Daguanren naturally not afraid of Gu Jiatong's revenge, early in the morning this fellow came to the front garden refreshed, played a set of empty Ming Quan, stretched the muscles and bones of the whole body, the morning light sprinkled the whole courtyard, dew rolling on the grass, scattered bright light, the morning breeze gently, sent the fragrance of grass mixed with soil, all the way empty Ming Quan finished, Zhang Yang's breathing was obviously hurried. He shook his head. The last time he treated Wen Ling, he spent most of his strength. Although the acupuncture point of the golden needle stimulated his strength to the extreme in a short time,polyfoil tube, the damage to his meridians was great. I'm afraid it will take a long time to recover to the previous state. (Hand-typed Chinese website 724 hours of uninterrupted updates of pure txt hand-typed novel m) Gu Jiatong appeared in front of the door of the villa wearing a white nightgown. The flush on her pretty face still did not fade away. This was the mark left for her by a night of leakage. The black curls were scattered on her shoulders. Her beautiful eyes were misty. She showed a lazy temperament in her nobility. When she saw Zhang Yang practicing, she thought this fellow was playing Tai Chi. She whispered, "Are you playing Tai Chi?" 。


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