I lack you in the five elements.

Although this sentence sounds like a joke, but Lin Zhushui is obviously serious, Shen Yiqiong has nothing to say, looking at the paper figure outside the window, muttering that they just came to me.

Although this sentence sounds like a joke, but Lin Zhushui is obviously serious, Shen Yiqiong has nothing to say, looking at the paper figure outside the window, muttering that they just came to me. He thought about it carefully, and then showed a frustrated expression-well, most of the paper figures seemed to be really directed at Zhou Jiayu, and did not like to talk to him at all. Zhou Jiayu was flattered and said, "Sir, where are we going?" "We'll know when we get there," said Lin Chushui. "Let's solve the problem from the root." Zhou Jiayu began not to understand what Lin Zhushui meant by solving the problem from the root. Later that night, he followed Lin Zhushui out of the door, and he realized that Lin Zhushui had taken him to see the ancestors of these paper figures. The author has something to say: Hahahaha, the joke written by Sister An Jin in the comment area is so good that I must send it out for you to see: Zhou Jiayu: Sleeping on the floor, so pitiful. Lin Zhushui: We were too pure before. Zhou Jiayu: Pure? Lin Zhushui: But when it's not pure, I'm afraid I'll sleep on the floor. Chapter 46 Xu Jing Huo. For this sudden fire, Xu Lao also expressed a great apology. After meeting Zhou Jiayu, he apologized again and again, saying that he was a little careless. He did not expect that the man was so bold that he dared to start with Zhou Jiayu here. Zhou Jiayu is very magnanimous to express nothing, just curious about their house and those paper figures can really touch the fire? Old Xu said with a smile when he heard this, "This paper figurine is made of a special material. Generally, the kindling cannot be ignited. Only the fire of the sun can make it burn." Zhou Jiayu remembered the lighter that Lin Zhushui had left for him, and he thought that it should be the fire of the sun. Old Xu added, "The one who attacked you is actually a member of our Xu clan.." When he talked about this matter, his eyes were filled with a sad taste, "We Xu have rules since ancient times,ghana seed extract, we can not enter the world if we learn to inherit, this rule has lasted for hundreds of years, and it is also the root of our Xu inheritance." "What about him?" Asked Zhou Jiayu. Old Xu said, "He is very talented, but his ideas are different from ours." He told a story off and on, the content of the story is somewhat old-fashioned, nothing more than a genius in the clan, into the earthly world, was fascinated by fame and fortune. Finally, he violated the rules of his people and was driven out of Sheshan. The story is very simple, but Zhou Jiayu can hear the taste of regret in Xu Lao's tone. Xu Lao said that before the man went down the mountain, he tried to attack the most important sacred object in their clan, but fortunately he was stopped in time. But unexpectedly, tannic acid astringent ,pumpkin seed extract, he actually stared at Lin Zhushui's disciple Zhou Jiayu, but also repeatedly started. Although all did not succeed, but looked at Lin Zhushui's reaction, obviously already was enraged. Let's go to the cemetery in the evening. Xu Lao said, "If you can get the recognition of your ancestors, he will not be able to move you in the future." When Xu Lao said these words, Lin Zhushui was silent all the time. It was not until Xu Lao had finished saying these words that he suddenly waved to Zhou Jiayu and said, "Come here." Zhou Jiayu came to Lin Zhushui in a muddled way. Lin Zhushui did not speak, bit his index finger, after waiting for the blood to overflow, handed the finger directly to Zhou Jiayu: "hold, suck the blood above clean." Zhou Jiayu was stupefied for a moment and said, "Sir, what are you.." Lin Zhushui said, "Yin Qi is heavy in that place. If you go there, you will be affected. Drink some of my blood." Zhou Jiayu wanted to say something more, but Lin Zhushui urged: "Hurry up." So Zhou Jiayu could only toughen his scalp to hold Lin Zhushui's index finger and gently lick Lin Zhushui's wound with his tongue. Although before the tattoo, Zhou Jiayu had always felt that Lin's fingers were very cold, but at this time it was only a few drops of blood, Zhou Jiayu felt as if he had swallowed a huge heat flow, which slipped down his throat to his stomach, dispelling the cold in his body. Zhou Jiayu blushed and even began to sweat slightly on his forehead. After the blood was absorbed by Zhou Jiayu, Lin Chushui naturally took his finger out of Zhou Jiayu's mouth. He picked up the tissue prepared next to him and wiped the wound on his hand and some kind of transparent liquid. Zhou Jiayu did not know whether he was really hot or embarrassed, his whole face was red, his eyes quietly glanced at Lin's fingers, and he hung his head silently. "How do you feel?" Asked Lin Zhushui. "Quite.." said Zhou Jiayu. It's hot. He suddenly remembered something and said, "Sir, did you add your blood to the water you gave me on the train?" "Yes," said Lin Zhushui. "Ah.." said Zhou Jiayu. Thank you, sir. Lin Zhushui's tone was light: "What can I thank you for?" Old Xu looked at the interaction between the two, smiled very kindly, and said, "I didn't expect Mr. Lin to have such a side. It's really a deep love between master and apprentice." Lin Zhushui did not answer, Zhou Jiayu smiled a little embarrassed. The departure time is set at about eight o'clock in the evening. It is said that the cemetery is very special and can only be entered at night. Zhou Jiayu made some dinner casually, and the four of them ate together. Since these paper figures were no longer hidden, they began to jump around. When they ate, they were surrounded by one. Judging from the hairstyle, it should be a boy. He kept drooling at the bone stick in Shen Yiqiong's hand with his mouth open. In fact, Zhou Jiayu quite admire these paper figures, obviously the facial features are stick figures, but moving up is particularly vivid, very real charm. Shen Yiqiong felt a little uncomfortable and said to him,saw palmetto extract, "Can you still eat meat?" The paper man actually nodded his head. So Shen Yiqiong hesitated a little and handed him a piece of meat shaved from the big bone stick. The paper figure was very happy to pick it up and put it into his mouth. He ate it very happily. Shen Yiqiong looked at him with a thoughtful look. Zhou Jiayu looked at his expression and said, "What are you thinking about?" Shen Yiqiong said, "You said the paper figure seems to be very cute. Can we raise one at home? It will be wrapped up after washing clothes and sweeping the floor.." 。 prius-biotech.com


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